Take Action

There are hundreds of national and international organizations, like us, who urgently need volunteers and assistance in many different areas.  Please contact them directly.

  • Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline number at 888-373-7888 and ask how you can help
  • Donate to existing safe houses
  • Open a safe house in your area
  • Write to your congressman or congresswoman about the need to eradicate human trafficking
  • Blog and write about human trafficking stories in your area and publish them on community newsletters, magazines and publications
  • Upload a human trafficking story on YouTube┬«
  • Organize a school raffle or activity to help raise money for shelters who serve trafficked victims
  • Report suspected victims and traffickers to your local police department immediately
  • Write a school report and organize school activities to raise awareness
  • Attend a university lecture about human trafficking
  • Participate in the fight against slavery walkathon in Washington D.C. in September