• To rescue sex trafficked girls, ages 6-12, in North America
  • To provide a safe house and home in North America for victims of human sex trafficking, girl: ages 6-12
  • To help rehabilitate sex trafficked children
  • Raise awareness of human sex trafficking


  • Guarantee sex trafficked children while at ATRVT receive an education
  • Guarantee sex trafficked victims while at ATRVT can reintegrate into society
  • Safeguard sex trafficked girls from returning to the streets
  • Facilitate opportunities for sex trafficked girls to find their vocation
  • To help trafficked children in North America have a permanent home and loving family


  • To provide a safe house and home in North America for sexually exploited and enslaved children (girls: ages 6-12)
  • To facilitate rehabilitation services
  • To foster love, trust and respect for one another
  • To provide a nurturing and loving home for girls
  • To provide each sex trafficked child living in the safe house with an opportunity to attend and graduate from high school
  • To provide a nurturing and loving environment for girls until they are ready to: transition to another living environment; reintegrate into society; apply to college; and/or begin full time employment of choice
  • To help children overcome the trauma of exploitation and captivity
  • To form partnerships with existing human trafficking service providers in North America, adoption agencies and religious organizations who help place sex trafficked children into loving homes


  • Every sex trafficked child deserves to live in a safe, loving and permanent family
  • Sex trafficked children should not live on the streets, in shelters, in the foster care system or be without a permanent family
  • Every trafficked child is adoptable